Calea Dumbrăvii 71

LOCATION | Living and Experiencing

Experience the city’s new fashionable residential building situated between the historical center, the recreational area and the shopping city. Our apartment building lies within walking distance from the downtown. Here at Calea Dumbrăvii 40 and 71 you are right next to the park, the green heart of the city, from where you can reach the best recreational spots nearby.


ARCHITECTURE | Prestige and Elegance

The building’s clear structure and uniquely designed front are an expression of powerful and value-holding architectural craft, which comes a long way in achieving comprehensive know-how and long-term planning. This architecture binds together the emotional, environmental, practical and economical values of clever design.


QUALITY OF CONSTRUCTION | Sustainability and Safety

MAX DEVELOPMENT brings a Swiss spirit to Sibiu. Newest technical concepts put in practice with biggest precision are producing buildings that meet highest standards.
An informed selection of best quality materials and products guarantees value, safety and an energetic efficiency that is best in its class.


INVESTMENT | Lifestyle and Future

Sibiu represents an economic hub and at the same time a touristic magnet in the heart of Romania. A high-value apartment in an attractive location is an investment in the future. Thanks to long-year international experience, we are able to guarantee that your investment will add more than just financial value. We are thinking in anticipation and you are investing in long-term value maintenance and daily joy of living.