Value for Sibiu

Contribution to the cultural city of Sibiu


“It is a wonderful city, it is fantastic how much it has changed since the first time I came here.The two important squares from the center were looking gloomy, now they are gorgeous. The center of Sibiu is a treasure that must be admired and respected. Like any treasure, it must be carefully looked after.This will bring both sentimental satisfactions but also money.There are so many places in the world which live from tourism.Why should not this happen here too?”

Max Schweizer



Sibiu / Hermannstadt lives! A cultural event follows another. The old city forms a wonderful background. Culture must be cultivated and always renewed. This applies to building culture. There is still a huge task to do here. We make attractive contributions to building culture through these projects:


Restaurant Max

A happy meeting between a restaurant enthusiast in Switzerland and a 14th-century Sibelius house gave birth to one of the most beautiful restaurants in Transylvania. Restored with love, the house reveals its beauty, the walls and wooden beams presenting the original atmosphere. The monks of the restorers in Bucovina have brought back to light the beautiful time-covered wall-paintings. MAX Restaurant is located in the historical center of Sibiu. More details about the Max restaurant can be found here  .



Calea Dumbravii 40: contest for artists

One of the most recent projects is the apartment building in Calea Dumbrăvii No. 40. It is a residential and commercial building with a restaurant on the ground floor. The entrance is a semi-public space, covered but open. Three niches are now being artistically designed in this entrance area. Art is to be maintained from now on at each of our buildings. Sebastian Moldovan has won this competition announced by Max Development and the prize endowed with 5,000 euros with his work “insert”. More details about this contest can be found here >.



Project Dr. Ion Ratiu

The project Dr. Ion Raţiu aims to combine the old and the new, the past – the beautiful old Art Nouveau villa – and the present – the elegant new building. This connection is what makes Sibiu one of the most famous and charming cities in Transylvania. Our project sets an accent in modern concrete and glass architecture as well as in young and fresh gastronomy. More details and images of this project can be found here >.