URBAN LIVING – Apartment building on the Calea Dumbravii

Experience the city’s new fashionable residential building situated between the historical center, the recreational area and the shopping city. Our apartment building lies within walking distance from the downtown.

“Sustainable Living” is a statement. It impresses with its future-proof and unmistakable design. Our apartment building is the result of extensive international experience and long-term planning. Its architecture combines emotional, economic and practical value. more >


VALUE FOR SIBIU – Contribution to cultural city Sibiu

Beautiful old towns and attractive architecture are trademarks of good tourism. We contribute to Sibiu’s reputation as a cultural city with our striking new buildings, award-winning restorations and art competitions.

Sibiu/ Hermannstadt lives! One cultural event follows another. The old town forms a wonderful backdrop. Culture must be cultivated and always renewed. This also applies to building culture. There is still a huge task to be done here. We make attractive contributions to this. more >


SWISS VILLAGE – A modern living concept in a dream location near Sibiu

The Swiss Village is a complex of houses, each with several 2 and 3-room apartments, an oasis of peace and harmony, safe, comfortable and modern, so natural and yet so close to the city.

The parking  places are right nearby, and the children can play outside in the open in a safe ground surrounded by much vegetation. more >