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Max Schweizer is a Swiss businessman who let himself be conquered by the medieval flair of Sibiu and the villages of Transylvania and who became fond of the city and its surroundings. His passion for architecture and visionary thinking led him to transform a dilapidated old house in the lower town of Sibiu into an architectural gem and one of the most visited restaurants in the city (Restaurant MAX).

Mr. Schweizer’s interest was not limited to the restoration of old buildings, but soon there was a desire to create something new. His realisation that Romania was opening up more and more to the western lifestyle motivated him to bring an alternative concept to the Sibiu housing market. This is how Swiss Village came into being, a residential complex built by his company Max Development.


You decided to build Swiss Village, which translates as the Swiss village. Why village and why Swiss here in Romania?

I have known Romania for several years now and have been able to follow how the real estate market has developed. The situation doesn’t look good. Most of the newly built apartments today are small apartments in large skyscrapers, closely spaced residential towers, anonymous and noisy. There are few green areas, the children have no place to play and the avenues are hardly recognizable under the avalanche of parked cars.


And what is different about the Swiss Village?

In the Swiss Village we have houses with 6 to 9 apartments and only three floors. In between there are green areas with trees and bushes, parking is possible in the immediate vicinity, but does not disturb the children while playing. Each apartment has a large balcony, on the ground floor even a terrace and garden, and offers a magnificent view of the Fagaras Mountains. Everything radiates spaciousness and peace, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, because the surroundings feel like home, you enjoy nature and privacy.


You spoke of greenery and a view of the mountains. Should we understand that Swiss Village is located in a rural area?

No, not at all. It is called a village because it stands out from its surroundings and is an independent complex. For those who work in the city, the location of Swiss Village is ideal: it is located on the exit road from Sibiu in the direction of Heltau/Cisnădie, less than 2 km from the outskirts, which is a pleasant route for car and bike riders or even pedestrians.


But you didn’t answer my question: Why Swiss? 

I must make it clear from the outset that it was not my intention to import a foreign model. The word “Swiss” refers primarily to quality, because Swiss quality is a brand in itself. It’s nothing spectacular, nothing overly modern or great. It does not dazzle and has no airs and graces that attract attention but later prove impractical. But Swiss quality is reliable, well thought-out and solid. The aim is to create a sustainable value that increases over time, which is particularly desirable in the case of real estate. All this makes Swiss quality: thinking ahead, planning carefully and carrying out serious work. We build for the future and create sustainable real estate.


Of course, higher quality also results in higher costs and it can be assumed that the apartments in the Swiss Village are more expensive and not for everyone.

Of course, you can’t have anything of high quality without paying more for it. But you can also buy an apartment that is worth every cent and that proves to be cost-saving over time. This will become apparent in the Swiss Village after the first winter, when the heating costs will be particularly low. We have taken care to build robustly and to insulate well, so that all house systems function excellently and the heat is not lost. We have insulated the villas all around with excellent materials and the large windows with the best possible glazing prevent heat loss and brighten the rooms. If you want to live comfortably, economically and up-to-date, take a look at our houses on the outskirts of Hermannstadt.


To be more precise, how do you build?

We have a team of experts with many years of experience in the construction of modern and efficient residential complexes. The construction work will be carried out by a local construction company, which has gained our trust in the cooperation so far. Interested parties are welcome to visit us and see for themselves how we work, what materials and working methods we use from the floor slab to the roof tiles. We have also thought of recording all construction phases in a photo documentation so that our customers can see for themselves that we have kept our promise.


If I understood that correctly, the facades are quite classic, without any decorative elements. What architectural details make the villas in the Swiss Village stand out on the housing market?

The multi-family houses in the Swiss Village combine beauty and functionality in their style. The apartments are bright and well insulated, the large windows are fitted with adjustable slat blinds for light protection, they have the necessary storage space in every household. Also worth mentioning are the solid doors and the safety glazing of the balcony doors. We regard balconies as one of the most important unique selling points. I believe that a balcony that is large enough (at least 1.8 m wide) is an important part of a versatile home that contributes significantly to improving the quality of life. From the balcony you can admire the sunrise or sunset, enjoy a coffee or a meal with friends or simply relax. With a minimum length of 3.50 m, the balcony offers additional space and enlarges the apartment, so the value of the apartment increases with its size. In Romania, the same thing will happen as in Western Europe: the balcony will become the sign of a demanding, varied everyday life.


Is Swiss Village tailored to the needs of customers in Romania?

Swiss Village has been specially developed for customers in Romania. I value Romanians as family people who respect their partners, children and their homes very highly. It is very important for them to feel at home in their own four walls and to have everything they need to live. And that’s exactly what Swiss Village is all about. The entire residential complex – the apartment buildings, the avenues, the benches, the green spaces, the playground and the parking lots for cars – all this creates a living experience that values people and is at the same time ecological and economical. We build for the future. For us, profit has no value if it is not also a profit for our customers. This is our satisfaction, the joy of a well done job.


Thank you very much for the interview.


Published in the Hermannstädter Zeitung

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