About us

Max Development means experience and development

Max Development is the result of a combination of experience, skills and capital from Romania, Switzerland and Germany. What has evolved from this in ten years is something to be proud of. A hundred houses and apartments in Cisnadie as well as attractive residential and commercial buildings in Sibiu set new accents in quality and design. And the story continues. The next projects will also be worth seeing and courageously designed buildings. This is what our team stands for, this is what Max Development stands for this is what our partners are standing for.

Building for the future, values for our buyers

Behind our residential complex there is a clear concept. Many years of international building experience guarantee that our apartments retain their value. We build reputably and solidly with the aim that our buyers later have only low maintenance costs: Because we insulate well, the heating costs are only half as high as for normal flats. Find out more about our philosophy here.

Transparency in construction

If you want to buy an apartment, you can see on our construction site how our residential complexes are growing, from the floor slab with the later invisible and yet so important insulation, to the ridge tile and the roof insulation. One should know houses, in order to be able to trust them fully – like with humans also. We will be happy to show you every step in the development of a modern apartment – and what a well-organised construction site looks like. Direct access to our construction site webcams is available here.

What is Swiss quality?

Swiss quality is simple: think far ahead, plan neatly, execute seriously. Building for the future and creating lasting value.