We propose a new contest addressed to the artists for the entrance area in the building made on Calea Dumbrăvii no. 71, in Sibiu. The prize is worth 5,000 euros (gross).

After the experience of the first competition for the building on Calea Dumbrăvii 40, we want to outline the entrance to the second building made by our team. We are looking for proposals that animate the space and contrast with the rest of the building, but at the same time to harmonize with its architecture; we want abstract works that represent a color accent in the building, and concepts that surprise us with emotion.

The area in which the artistic proposal will be integrated has a width of 3.40 m, and the access to the building is detached from the sidewalk of Calea Dumbrăvii street, like an alveolus. The entrance is delimited by two solid walls 8.65 m long, fi niches with white paint: on the right side is included a box with electric meters, a panel for mailboxes and the entrance for the apartment area, and on the opposite side is a wall full white. This access area continues to the green courtyard and the terrace behind the plot.

More details about the contest can be found here.