Guidelines for MAX DEVELOPMENT



We create living and working space that corresponds to the lifestyle of modern people and serves them to lead a better life. In doing so, we are guided by the spirit of the Bauhaus style, i.e. our buildings must be simple, clear, functional and accessible to a broad group of buyers. Our buildings combine art and craftsmanship and contribute to the development of a good building culture in Transylvania.



Uniqueness: Each project has its own theme and its own face, which has a specific target group as its starting point. This is how we achieve uniqueness and thus create our brand.

“Form follows function”: The aesthetics and artistic expression of the buildings are shaped by the function of the building. Simple, technically clean and functional architecture with a calm formal language creates the conditions for cost-effective construction and thus access for broader groups of buyers.

Value & durability: Our buildings are characterized by durability and preserve their value in time. We achieve this through simple, clear design and clean craftsmanship.

Efficiency: For each project we select the most suitable and economical construction methods and materials.

Ecology is an important part of the project. State-of-the-art technical concepts are part of it, as is the climate-effective and emotionally important inclusion of green spaces.

Art in building is the i-point of every project and an important unique selling point.

Long-term partners and network: Our carefully maintained network enables us to work with leading specialists. We guarantee the quality of our projects and continuous improvements through long-term, mutually successful cooperation. At the same time, we consciously avoid dependencies on partners.


Work guidelines

For each project we define the concrete target clientele. We want to know for whom we are building and what demands we must satisfy.

For each project we organize an architectural competition. The starting point for this is our vision, the project goals and the target group we have defined.

For each project we evaluate the most suitable and economical construction methods and materials. Our goal is to always offer our customers the best value for money.

We check living and working spaces for flexible use, small connecting areas, good lighting or balconies that cleverly extend the interior spaces. Our goal is high living value and well-being in everyday life for the user.

By means of art competitions, we look for the best artistic solution for each project and the most suitable artists for the task in hand for its realization. For this purpose, we include a budget of at least 0.5% and a maximum of 1% of the construction costs in the construction planning for the announcement of the art competitions and the realization of the “Art in Construction” projects.

Self-checks and comparisons serve to ensure that contracts, procedures and deadlines are also adhered to internally in order to ensure profitability and liquidity.

The final evaluation, which is based on these guidelines, is intended to uncover errors and deficiencies and serve our further development. It shows whether we have achieved our vision.